Instructional Videos

To help you get familiar with the way DeskManager and WebManager handle everyday tasks, we’ve compiled a series of instructional videos that demonstrate how to use various features of each program.

  Updating DeskManager

Learn how to update your DeskManager program to the latest version. Updating DeskManager can be done from any computer running the program, but it is fastest from the main computer.

  Okidata Printer Setup

Learn how to properly configure your Okidata Microline printer to work with DeskManager.

  Add Funds to AutoManager Live Account

Learn how to add funds to your AutoManager Live account. Prepaid credit is required for some features including ePay forms, Florida ETR, and NMVTIS reports.

  NMVTIS Reports in DeskManager

Learn how to run National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) reports in your DeskManager software.

  DeskManager Backup Utility

Learn how to back up your important business data in DeskManager.
 Please note:  For privacy & liability reasons, AutoManager does not keep its own backup of your DeskManager data.

  Uploading from DeskManager to WebManager

Learn how to how to upload individual vehicles from DeskManager to WebManager.

  Configuring DeskManager to WebManager Uploads

Learn how to how to configure the available options for uploading your inventory from DeskManager to WebManager.

  Auto Dealer Website Themes

Learn how to customize your dealership website using WebManager's website theme system.

  Setting Up the Auto Posting Utility for Craigslist

Learn how to configure the Auto Posting Utility for posting to Craigslist.
 Please note:  This video shows setup only, not the act of posting.

  Posting to Craigslist with the Auto Posting Utility

Learn how to post to Craigslist with the Auto Posting Utility.

  AutoManager.Mobile for iOS

Learn how to use the AutoManager.Mobile app for iOS (Apple iPhone & iPad) devices.

  AutoManager.Mobile for Android

Learn how to use the AutoManager.Mobile app for Android phone and tablet devices.

  WebManager: Staging to Live

Learn how to activate vehicles from your Staging Inventory to your Live Inventory.

  AutoManager's Automotive CRM Overview

A brief overview to our automotive CRM product, which allows you to effectively manage contacts and leads.

  How to Setup Exporting Leads from WebManager to CRM

In this video, we cover how to setup exporting leads from WebManager to CRM. Once this is setup, any new leads in WebManager will be automatically exported to CRM.

  How to Export Leads from CRM to DeskManager

In this video, we cover how to export leads from CRM to DeskManager, after it has been set up. This video covers step-by-step how to export a lead from CRM, then how to import the lead into DeskManager.

  How to Setup CRM with WebManager

In this video, we cover how to setup exporting leads from CRM to WebManager and DeskManager. Once this is setup, leads from CRM are transferable directly to WebManager and DeskManager.