Testimonials & Reviews

A selection of comments and testimonials from dealerships that use WebManager:

"My business has more than tripled since I got this program! I have no idea what I did before this. It has completely changed my life and the way I do business. I have more business than I know what to do with. I had to hire someone!"

Dwayne Mayo, Owner
Car Solutions
San Antonio, TX

"I’ve been posting vehicles on Craigslist since ’06, and we’ve been able to maintain a 98 percent penetration rate for our ads across the country with WebManager. We haven’t had problems with ghosting or flagging."

Jim Steele, Digital Marketing Coordinator
Sunset Chevrolet
Sumner, WA
"One of the things I like are the semi-custom templates. I get nothing but rave reviews on the way that my website looks. It’s very functional, extremely easy to use and follow, and it doesn’t look like everyone else’s."
Brett Lukovski, President
Motion Autosport
Canton, OH
"My sales rep, Bill Tizabi, has been great at keeping me up to date on the constant changes. His suggestions have helped our business stay in the forefront of the new technologies as they come out. At Bill’s suggestion, we switched from our old web host to WebManager and have been astounded at the results. When Bill calls, I want to listen to what he has to offer. It always works!"
Henry Jones, President
EZ Auto Rental
N Newport News, VA
"I decided on WebManager because I’m not paying $600 a month to have my website maintained. Our clients tell us they love how easy it is to navigate our site. [WebManager] gave us a really great, unique look that fit our outdoorsy, campground theme."
Kelly Vogel–Tellstom
Vogel’s RVs
Ukiah, CA
"We’re really happy with WebManager. It’s generating 90 percent of our web traffic, yet it only costs a fraction of what the major lead providers and other services cost."
James Hay, General Manager
Appy Auto Sales
Rehoboth, MA
DeskManager Logo
"I am not tech savvy. [WebManager allowed] me to customize my website the way I wanted it to be promoted and represented...I make the changes, additions, [theme] colors and even the color of the car. It’s very easy to understand, very simple. I can’t say enough about these guys."
Shushu Amir
Eagle Truck and Auto
El Dorado, CA
"My favorite part [about WebManager] is the amount of control you have over your own website content. You don’t have to rely on someone over the phone to make a change."
Danny Hall, IT Administrator
Saul's Motors
Smithfield, NC
"I think [WebManager’s Craigslist tool] one of the best auto-post utilities I’ve ever had. It’s one button; very simple and easy to use. The customer service is excellent as well. They take their time. They don’t rush you."
Art Niewiarowski
Loan Approval Center
Stone Park, IL
"Having our dealer management software feed information to our website and the online marketplace has been pretty invaluable for us. It keeps us away from computers and on the floor with our customers, which is where we belong."
Scott Lehman, Dealer Principal
Premier Auto Center
Scottsdale, AZ