& NADA Valuation

Know your values.

Be able to use the functionality of NADA among all AutoManager products, including our mobile app. All for the low price of $50 per month per rooftop.

NADA in DeskManager & WebManager

Dealers are now able to use NADA Used Car Guides with DeskManager and WebManager. From adding a cost to a vehicle on your lot in DeskManager to pulling up a vehicle's value at an auction with our AutoManager mobile app, the NADA interface can be used under any circumstance. For more information on NADA pricing, click here.

Price your entire inventory quickly and accurately with in-program access to the NADA database. This tool offers frequently updated reports based on the actual values vehicles are selling for at auctions all across America.

Trusted Valuations

If you subscribe to this service, the automated feature can save you hours of recopying data fields and can prevent manual errors in your inventory pricing. If you don’t, consider becoming a member to ensure that your inventory is always priced competitively.


  • Ability to use on mobile app at auctions
  • Look up car values by region and VIN right from the Vehicle Details screen
  • Auction values updated weekly
  • Trade-in, loan and retail values updated monthly