Inventory Management

inventory management software

Manage Your Inventory Easier

DeskManager is designed for simplicity. Our software makes it easy to manage your inventory, even if it’s spread across multiple dealership locations.

Find everything quicker.

One keystroke brings up your entire inventory list, sorted by its current status (Available, Sold, Retail, Wholesale) and featuring detailed expense, sales and commission data. Vehicles can be filtered by up to 20 different fields, including 14 default values and six that can be user-specified.


See DeskManager's Inventory Management system

Brilliantly organized.

Clicking on any vehicle brings up a window where its details can be changed. From the tabs on this window, you can add:

  • Vehicle details
  • Options
  • Costs
  • Title/DMV
  • Vehicle description
  • Consignor
  • “To-do” actions
  • Any additional information

From this screen, you also can attach up to 60 pictures to your vehicle by selecting them from a folder on your computer.

Additional modules also let you look up Blue Book and NADA value estimates for your newly-added vehicle straight from DeskManager.*

*Requires subscription to the respective services