F&I Calculations

Make F&I Calculations Easier.

Take advantage of the industry’s most comprehensive finance/interest calculator. DeskManager’s F&I tools pack all the functionality of the most expensive DMS systems into a simple interface for a fraction of the cost.

Everything you need in one place.

View and enter all your data from one screen that allows you to run complex calculations in a minimum number of clicks. New Deal screens start with several fields pre-populated automatically from default values you specify, including: warranty, county and state tax rates; license, doc prep and many other items specific to your state and county.

Reach that magic number.

Need to work toward an exact monthly payment? The rollback feature shows how you can revise any combination of financing values to hit your target, including: cash price, interest rate, down payment, finance charge, and out-the-door price.

Be flexible.

Deals can accommodate up to six deferred payments, which will automatically calculate late charges and print a late notice for customers. Up to two trade-ins may be added to the inventory as soon as deals are sold, reducing duplicate data entry.

Cut to the chase.

Quick Deal provides a fast and easy method for referencing and printing standard cash and finance deal structures. You can choose to print with or without displayed finance charges.


  • Semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly finance plans
  • Add-on or compound rate calculations
  • Reach a desired payment by tweaking any variable
  • Taxes and local/DMV fees
  • Deferred payment tracking
  • Credit life/disability insurance
  • Gap insurance
  • Service contracts
  • Total profit
  • Print commission vouchers