Credit Check

auto dealer credit checks

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Know your customers’ payment habits before you decide how to structure a vehicle deal. DeskManager's credit module helps you expedite the deal process and stores reports for future deals.

How DeskManager Manages Credit Checks

DeskManager offers direct links to the three major credit reporting bureaus, pulling reports from Experian®, Trans Union® and Equifax®. Enter a credit application into the system, then submit it through DeskManager for an expedient response. Our software offers direct connections to merged credit report services, such as CBC and CoreLogic® Credco.

Credit profiles can be stored permanently in DeskManager, embedded in customer transactions for future reference. Complete reports can be saved for later review or submission by e-mail, fax or printing.


  • Submit and save credit applications
  • Access and print credit reports from Experian®, TransUnion® and Equifax®
  • Credit reports are accessible from any deal or sale the customer makes
  • Send credit reports by email or fax

To access credit reports directly from DeskManager, learn more about:

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