Kelley Blue Book Valuation

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Vehicle Appraisals at Your Fingertips

Avoid the frustration of complicated vehicle valuations with the AutoManager Kelley Blue Book pricing integration. Accessible right from DeskManager.

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  • Unlimited number of users per dealership rooftop
  • Accessible on WebManager and AutoManager Mobile with the same subscription
  • Run valuations with or without VIN
  • Vehicle Valuation Reports a.k.a. "Book Sheets" included

Print the Kelley Blue Book Logo & Retail Value on Your Window Stickers *

Increase buyer trust by displaying the most revered name in vehicle valuation. Proudly tout the emblem of America's most respected resource for vehicle information on your entire preowned inventory.

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  • Easy to print
  • Instantly builds credibility with any potential buyer
  • Conveys to consumers your seriousness about the value of the vehicle

Are you a WebManager subscriber?

AutoManagers Kelley Blue Book integration is also available for WebManager customers.

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* Optional Module